Journal 007 // White Mountains, New Hampshire 2018

In the beginning of June (2018) I spent five days in the White Mountains, visiting my Grandparents. I spent my free time driving through Crawford Notch, wondering the banks of the Ammonoosuc River, and appreciating my grandmothers blooming Iris' and lilacs.

Journal 005 // My Daily Essentials


I thought I would take the opportunity to write about some of the gear I seem to have with me on a daily basis. I am a big advocate for quality goods that will last a very long time. The items I have included, I have carried with me for quite some time and fully recommend each and every one of them. I am neither sponsored nor paid to talk about any of the items I am writing about

If you are someone who enjoys high attention to detail and an even higher quality of materials, then I fully recommend looking into the items on this list.

1. Backpack


It is very rare for me to be out without some sort of backpack on my shoulders. If there is one thing you should know about me it is that I love backpacks, I have even gone so far to make it my personal logo (Why the Backpack?). While I have owned many backpacks for different activities and loadouts, the pack you can find me carrying this week is the L.L.Bean Waxed-Canvas Continental Rucksack.

This rucksack is strong and sturdy and made with quality waxed canvas and leather. When I buy equipment, I expect it to last, while remaining strong through more rugged situations. One feature that I found great about this backpack, that others might find more annoying, is the fact that all the straps are connected with buckles. There are no snap buttons or velcro hiding under the straps. Because of this, the backpack feels more authentic and allows you to think more carefully about what you store inside it. The final aspect that I enjoy about this backpack is that you can fit a 32oz Nalgene Bottle in the side pockets. This is perfect if you travel with a large water bottle.

2. Camera

(The camera in the images is the Panasonic GH5)

(The camera in the images is the Panasonic GH5)


A question I get asked frequently is, what camera do I use. While some creatives might take offense to the regularity of which this question is asked, I have never minded answering it. It is certainly true that most modern digital cameras can take phenomenal images. With that being said, there is something special about the images captured with the Nikon D800. The images the D800 captures are nothing less than spectacular. This camera has not been far from my reach over the last 4 years. The quality of the images I am able to capture using this camera still astounds me. (all the images in this post were captured with the D800)

A second camera I always have on me is my phone, an iphone 5s to be specific. While the hardware is beginning to show its age the camera on this little phone is still top notch. I prefer the form factor of phones like the iphone 5s more than the iphone 7 plus or the Samsung Galaxy S8+. Portability of a phone has always been my primary feature when looking at a new phone.

3. Stanley Classic One Hand Vacuum Mug | 16 oz


My mornings consist of waking up early, listening to the silence of a new day and getting some hot coffee. The Stanley 16oz Classic Vacuum Mug keeps my coffee hot for hours. On long days of recording or editing footage it is nice to still have hot coffee by your side. This mug has been the best mug I have ever used. I love the look and feel of it and the fact that it keeps my coffee hot is truly the best. As with all the items I am writing about today, I highly recommend this one.

4. Field Notes + Fisher Space Pen


It is hard to remember when I started carrying Field Notes daily. It seems like I have always had one in my back pocket. These little notebooks are invaluable for when you need to sketch something or take quick notes. What begins as a pristine little notebook quickly turns into a creased and bent little books full of half thoughts and quickly scribbled sketches. My current notebook is filled with random thoughts, short film ideas, logo designs and even construction blueprints. There is no common or normal use for these books. They are just always there with me and I always find them useful.

A sketch book isn’t much use without something to write with. My weapon of choice is the Fisher Space Pen. This small pen is a fantastic choice if you value portability. Once you start carrying a pen with you, you will realize how much it comes in handy and how much use it is. Just be careful you do not lose it because it is small enough to be forgotten. Luckily this has not happened just yet. If you want one more reason to purchase this pen it writes upside down. Just watch the Seinfeld episode and you will understand the greatness of this feature.

5. Leatherman Wave


I purchased the Leatherman Wave as a gift to myself for graduating with my A.S. degree. This piece of equipment has been invaluable, especially when working on a film set or inside a studio. If there are over 1000 uses for a single blade pocket knife as the Boy Scouts claim, there must be well over 10,000 uses for this multi-tool. Similar to carrying a pen with you, you don’t realize how useful carrying a multi-tool is until you don’t have it with you. If you are involved in video production this is a must have piece of equipment.